Thursday, December 13, 2007

Husbands are funny

Just a little while ago, my husband held my hand in his, brought it to his lips and kissed it, and then with a romantic air, he said, "your fingers are like pipes!"

You can picture me, snatching my hand away from his, with a deeply wounded expression on my face.

Then the explanations began...

It turns out my husband was comparing my fingers to "panpipes" not mere PVC pipes. I had to check it out on the net and right away i found hundreds of sites explaining all about panpipes.

Here is a sample : PANPIPE: A primitive wind instrument consisting of a series of pipes or reeds of graduated length bound together, played by blowing across the top open ends. Often used in the plural.

If that wasnt enough, there were lots of photos too....And what do you know...!!! He was right! My fingers do look like panpipes!


Alexi George said...

I guess Sabu was in his "design" mode. Maybe he was thinking of how he was going to design his next product.

Savvy Mom said...

LOL...Sabu was just being his usual absent-minded self!

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