Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another Ace is Served

The tennis player is back - on popular demand!!

I thought this picture was not very good, coz Sneha is not smiling in her usual way. But this is for my dear friend, Priya, who thinks the pose is really professional. So now my daughter is actually a "model player" :)

Here is another one taken when Sneha went up to the judges. My husband snapped this from behind the two judges. That explains the white patches in the foreground - those are the judges' shoulders!!!

As for the fat blimp behind Sneha, no explanation needed i hope. That's my hand.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Little Tennis Star!!

I've been promising all my friends a photo of Sneha, dressed as a tennis player for the fancy dress competition at her playschool.

Here it is.

It isnt too "fancy" but she actually won a prize for it...I mean i won, for originality, i guess :)

And to think i didnt want her to participate coz I thought she's too young for it, she'll cry, she'll just cling to me all the time (she did for some time) etc...But though she freaked out seeing the Cheetah and Santa Claus, she did her part!

The kids had to walk down the length of the room, up to the judges. Sneha needed me to accompany her, as did all other kids of her age group. I mean they needed their mothers...not me!! Somebody, Help my English, please.

Anyway, i "coached" her at home to say "yes" in case anyone asked her if she was Sania Mirza. But she resolutely refused to. And even when the judges asked her the same question, she said "Illa, tennis playera." Translated that means, "No, i'm not Sania Mirza. I'm a tennis player." I guess that did it.

And now for the costume, totally put together in about 1/2 hour! I had the dress, which when i bought it, i never realized how sporty it was, even though it included a matching wristband!!!! The orange cap/half-cap/visor/...what do you call those things??..was a gift from my sister from Bengaluru, and i had never used it for her till that day. Shoes and socks, standard stuff. The final touch, the tennis racket, was borrowed from a dear friend, whose daughter was learning to play tennis. Sneha needed both her hands and all her strength to carry it!!!

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