Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Little Tennis Star!!

I've been promising all my friends a photo of Sneha, dressed as a tennis player for the fancy dress competition at her playschool.

Here it is.

It isnt too "fancy" but she actually won a prize for it...I mean i won, for originality, i guess :)

And to think i didnt want her to participate coz I thought she's too young for it, she'll cry, she'll just cling to me all the time (she did for some time) etc...But though she freaked out seeing the Cheetah and Santa Claus, she did her part!

The kids had to walk down the length of the room, up to the judges. Sneha needed me to accompany her, as did all other kids of her age group. I mean they needed their mothers...not me!! Somebody, Help my English, please.

Anyway, i "coached" her at home to say "yes" in case anyone asked her if she was Sania Mirza. But she resolutely refused to. And even when the judges asked her the same question, she said "Illa, tennis playera." Translated that means, "No, i'm not Sania Mirza. I'm a tennis player." I guess that did it.

And now for the costume, totally put together in about 1/2 hour! I had the dress, which when i bought it, i never realized how sporty it was, even though it included a matching wristband!!!! The orange cap/half-cap/visor/...what do you call those things??..was a gift from my sister from Bengaluru, and i had never used it for her till that day. Shoes and socks, standard stuff. The final touch, the tennis racket, was borrowed from a dear friend, whose daughter was learning to play tennis. Sneha needed both her hands and all her strength to carry it!!!


meggie said...

What a sweet & gorgeous little girl your daughter is!
Thank you for visiting my blog,& leaving me a comment.

rush said...

:) Loved the description of the event. Was like watching the event live. And motherhood seems inviting from your testimony :) When God is invited into the family and is given the ownership, then, every phase of man's/woman's life would turn out to be a pleasure i feel. And i see from your life too.God Bless you as a family and Praise be to God for His big and little wonders!!

navneet said...

looks like a pro.
God bless and lots of love

Joy said...

That is good Savita mom! congratulations Sneha.

Priya Sara Thomas said...

Hi Savita..nice one da...and ya there was one more nice snap in the camera that i saw last day when we came there..why dont u put that Sneha looks very nice and has a cute smile also and is more brighter i think....anyways congrats to Sneha and her mom for the Tennis Player !!!

Savvy Mom said...

Here are some comments i got via email, from people who werent able to post them:

From: Prof. Peter Morton,
Your little tennis pro looks like she's really on top of her game. What a great picture, and the three of you together really make an attractive family portrait.

From: My dear BIL, Slomo,
She looks gorgeous! Sania Mirza or Ana Ivanović or Maria Yuryevna Sharapova!????? East or west Sneha is the best!!!! She is adorable! Would you pease send me the photo! I thought she has started playing tennis! She should, if she has got the taste of it!

From: Donny Abraham, a good friend,
That is very nice blog. Sneha looks so sweet.

From: Navneet, a dear friend,
Your blog is the most interesting i have read so far. must write more often, atleast for the likes of me!

Anil said...

Hi Savita....congrats to the little one and the mother.Nothing is small in the eyes of GOD because he sees our intentions.Your inspirations,directions and guidence proved fruitful to the child to spread fragnance among all those who know her.GOD bless her with all her wishes come true.

rao and rao said...

hello...congratulations to both you and your daughter..if she wills she may become a real tennis player in the near have a cute daughter..bye.and take care..

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