Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another Ace is Served

The tennis player is back - on popular demand!!

I thought this picture was not very good, coz Sneha is not smiling in her usual way. But this is for my dear friend, Priya, who thinks the pose is really professional. So now my daughter is actually a "model player" :)

Here is another one taken when Sneha went up to the judges. My husband snapped this from behind the two judges. That explains the white patches in the foreground - those are the judges' shoulders!!!

As for the fat blimp behind Sneha, no explanation needed i hope. That's my hand.


Irene said...

Hi, I just read your comments to my blog. Pretty funny how kids similar kids are regardless of the distance between them. My daughters love Mickey & Minnie Mouse. Glad you are enjoying my blog. Your daughter is adorable.

A. Noname Moose said...

Heh. You have a kid... :D
... and a cute one at that.

You probably told me, but life's been such a blur lately, I seem to have forgotten.
If you did tell me - congragtulations again, if you didn't - congratulations. :D

(I only just saw email you sent in February - rarely read email on Yahoo anymore..)

Sajithra said...

:-) Your gal is so pretty and smart.

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