Friday, April 10, 2009

My latest craze

My daughter is the center of my world. But something has come up lately that is dominating my thoughts.

A good friend mentioned a website where my husband (a graphic designer) could submit designs and stand to win a substantial amount of money. So we checked out the site, and its great, but i was hooked on to their sister site, where anyone can submit slogans (original only, please!).

That started it. Now I find myself thinking of slogans all the day long. Short ones, long ones, witty ones, and even outright dumb ones :)

Well, here are the links to my slogan. Please vote (pretty please) Click on the "I'd wear it" button and you can register on the site and submit some slogans of your own!! Scratch my back, and i'll scratch yours :)"

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
Wouldnt it be great if one of our slogans actually got printed on a T-shirt which anyone could buy anywhere in the world? Three cheers for the internet!!


Alexi George said...

Ok, so which button were we supposed to click? The one on the left..right?

Savvy Mom said...

Ya, the one that said, "I'd wear it"
And THHANNKKS to all who voted

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