Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A New Year Motto

I've been away from this blog for nearly 8 months now. I must admit i missed it.

2008 has been a super fast year, rushing along at breakneck speed. Yesterday it was January and today it's December. It's hard to believe that 364 days have passed by already this year.

I wonder why some years seem to drag by, boring, dull, time slows down, the days drag their feet. That happened when i was pregnant, in 2005. I was eagerly waiting my baby's birth in late December but the days passed by in slow motion!

The days, weeks, and months after my baby was born are a blur and i just seem to get flashes of memories occasionally. 2006, did you really happen?

But 2007 was a tiring year. My daughter, Sneha, was 1 year old, and constantly demanded my attention. I can only thank God for carrying me through those stressful days.

And then came along 2008 Express! It has whizzed past me at an alarming pace. Before i knew it, i was a year older!! Sneha turns 3 today, Dec 31st. And i bet 2009 is going to be nothing like i expect!!

So my motto for the new year: Expect the unexpected!!!


Wishing you a safe and secure new year. May God be with you.

1 comment:

Sabu said...


You are right with the rate of passing of the years. I too experienced similar.

Keep it up - your blog-writing!!

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