Sunday, March 30, 2008

Shia's Gibberish

Here are some words that my daughter lisps...

Fa fa fly for butterfly
Min goose for Mickey mouse
Minish for finished (eg. when she drinks all her milk)
Shakoon for Shahrukh Khan (her fav person on TV)
Keenu for crayon
Katchu for thank you
Kaiss for thanks

and though her name is Sneha, she calls herself "shia" :)

My mom in law wishes there was a translating machine that could tell her what Sneha's gibberish means :)


Reethu said...

Hwy savitachech.

Thnx for sending me the link.I like the way u write.Sneha is really lucky to get a loving mother like u.she shud see this blogs wen she grows up.
Keep writing.reethu here.

Priya Sara Thomas said...

Hi Savita..nice writeups..i like the gibberish....very sweet....this reminds me i have written 2 which i haveto upload..the net was faulty here so i just forgot abt the way there is a name called Shia and it means "followers Sect(A subdivision of a larger religious group)"bye for now keep writing and keep sharing the links :)

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