Thursday, July 26, 2012

My daughter, Sneha, came home from school and announced, "We have to read Second Chronicles every day!"

I was taken aback. We read the Bible regularly at home with the kids during prayer time, but we had never read II Chronicles with them. So i asked again, "Did they tell you at school to read something specific from II Chronicles?"

"No Mamma, we just have to read Second Chronicles everyday."

I was still confused and continued questioning her till one of her answers gave me the much needed clue to what she was saying. "Mamma, like you read the newspaper at home, we need to read Second Chronicles at school."

Did you get it??

Deccan Chronicle!!


Hannah said...

She is adorable! :)

friends.playschool said...

as good as the little guy who prayed earnestly "our father, who art in heaven, Harold be thy name!

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